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I find myself thinking a lot about this girl and I find it funny because I have never been so so interested in her, sure shes. When your girlfriend says shes confused about you and displays signs of doubt, the cold truth is that your girlfriends been thinking poorly of you recently.
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  • 35 Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You 1.
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  • Even if she's genuine, you can't let her unintentionally lead you on forever.
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    She&39;s trying to warn you that getting involved with her is a bad idea and that it&39;s going to have catastrophic consequences.

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    I (29m) am going out with a girl (28f) and we get along very well in the conversation, but on our last date she confessed to me that she doesn&39;t feel so desired and whenever I approach her it feels like I&39;m walking on eggshells, she turns away.

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    Its that she doesnt trust her attraction to you because she cant commit to her feelings for you.

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    If you find her asking you about how she looks or dresses up, take it as a sign that she is fishing for compliments.